What Scott Cousins did was in no way dirty, malicious, or outside of his rights as a baserunner.

Since I haven't been with the team, it is difficult for me to watch Marlins games. It is even more difficult to watch them play the San Francisco Giants so near to my hometown. It is even MORE difficult to watch them play the Giants while Cody Ross(notes) wears No. 13 on his back. Fortunately for me, our cable stations love gore and injury.

This situation with Buster Posey has been a hot topic. What Scott Cousins did was in no way dirty, malicious, or outside of his rights as a baserunner. Second, what Buster Posey(notes) did on defense was exactly right. Both men put their respective teams before themselves and sacrificed their bodies in their attempts to win the game.

Without a doubt, the context of the game must be taken into account; this was the go-ahead run, and Cousins made sure it scored. While the injury is devastating, it is also the collateral damage of being a team player. I respect men who play the game hard and in this case, both did.

I know that Buster Posey is a rising star, but let's rewind to last season when Nyjer Morgan(notes) went out of his way to hit Brett Hayes(notes) (effectively ending his season and sparking an ugly brawl the next day) in what was clearly a dirty play. How come no one was on PTI arguing for a rule change then?

And if it wasn't Cousins who hit Posey, but instead someone like Tulowitzki, or Pujols, what then? Would the term "dirty play" be used? Apparently, to get some attention in baseball you have to be a star with a World Series ring. Don't worry Hayeser, I've got your back (so does Gaby).

I would also like to point out that had Buster caught the ball, tagged out Cousins, and not had his metal spikes stick in the ground, that play would have been in the top 10 on "SportsCenter" as more evidence of Posey's greatness. No one would have cried foul or demanded the rules be changed.

Within the current rules these plays will continue to happen. But at what cost?

John Baker played in the majors for seven seasons, from 2008-'14. He is a contributor to JABO. Follow him on Twitter